Living With Teddy

A Magical Tale of Wild Teddy Bears

Our innovative children’s story, that doubles as a personal development book, is dedicated to 8 to 108-year-old readers and family healers choosing to make a big difference in the lives of their children. It is a story of friendship, courage, and discovery of the healing power of Mother Nature through some of children’s closest allies — their own teddy bears.

Adventures Of Daddy And Teddy
Adventures Of Daddy And Teddy
Enjoy a Short Excerpt From MISSING.

From a distance, Big Apple, the capital of New Teddylandia, was just like any other city I’d visited. But as we were getting closer, I noticed it was packed with trees, playgrounds, and amusement parks.

When we landed, I could not believe my eyes. Unlike human cities, this place was also run by teddy bears, stuffies, and plushies. As the immigration officers went over my arrival paperwork, I started noticing even more details that made this kingdom extra special. I could choose to be just a visitor or become a New Teddylandia citizen — instantly. No lengthy interviews or years of waiting. New Teddylandia seemed to welcome every human being with open arms and without any questions or background checks. Mother Nature’s words kept ringing in my mind loud and clear: After all, we are all one.

Teddylandia Visa
Teddylandia Visa

Since I had nowhere else to go, I decided to stay in Big Apple for a while and see if anyone had heard of my missing teddies. Therefore, I went with the citizenship. The process was super easy, plus it came with many perks. As one of Teddylandia’s first human citizens, I got some money to get started, plus I could choose between a free apartment in the downtown area or a house in the suburbs — all designed and furnished to make me feel at home. I was speechless. I do not have to tell you how much I respect teddies for all they do for our children, but seeing them helping grownups too was amazing.

A Children's Story Designed to Help Children Thrive.

In the beginning, I didn’t have a big plan so I started drawing posters and writing stories about my teddies in hopes that someone would respond to me. I also started looking for jobs.

The poster I've been posting everywhere.

I worked as a baker, construction worker, and forest ranger. Because of my drawing skills, and my close relationship with nature, I also ended up joining the wild and dangerous 365-day expedition to the unexplored parts of the continent, which resulted in my admiration for hiking, land surveying and map making. After returning home, and putting all my sketches together, I produced the first-ever map of New Teddylandia, which became an instant hit.

I must have printed thousands of these maps but the stuffies and teddies still don’t seem to have enough of it. This project was actually so successful, our team received a big award from Teddylandia’s Ministry of Education, Art, and Culture, and I’ve landed a variety of new jobs that I truly enjoy. To this day I’m being asked to draw doodles, design posters, and build websites for Teddylandia’s government.

The Original Sketch Of The Map

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2024 Anniversary Edition of the New Teddylandia Map

Map Of New Teddylandia
Map Of New Teddylandia