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Teddylandia is an innovative Indie Publishing Company based in Brooklyn, New York, proudly publishing groundbreaking children's literature about nature, healing, and mindfulness — some of the most important ingredients often missing in our lives today. Teddylandia is also home to Mother Nature, and Wild Teddy Bears — the true ancestors of our domesticated teddies, and probably the rarest, wisest, and funniest creatures still roaming the face of the Earth.

We know how challenging it is to be the light for others or to always know how to balance our children's busy digital lives. But no worries, we are here to help even the busiest of families thrive again.

Our honored citizens, Tomas and Teddy, together with many other wild teddy bear experts, healers, and advisors are standing by, ready to share their unique perspectives, stories, and proven mindfulness techniques with the rest of the world. Experience their outstanding contributions yourself.

Adventures Of Daddy And Teddy
Adventures Of Daddy And Teddy


What Today's Children Need Most

Living With Teddy — MISSING

Let's Kickstart the Conversation

We're excited to announce that Tomas and Teddy had an incredible story that deserved to be published. So we helped them turn it into a fun children's book — one you simply can't afford to miss. If there is someone or something missing in your children's world, then this is a perfect book for them. It will help your kids start a healthy family conversation about their struggles, worries, and stress while teaching them about nature, healing, and mindfulness — some of the most important ingredients missing from our lives today.

Teddy Bear in Teddylandia
Teddy Bear in Teddylandia


Discover The World Of Wild Teddy Bears

Did you know that teddy bears are much more than just soft, cuddly toys or great gifts? That's right. Deep inside, they are wild and free, just like nature intended. And while they'll forever be Mother Nature's little helpers, their real job is to be children's closest allies — their first friends, mentors, and guardians, who can, much like real animals, help kids cope with their troubles, and this new, busy world, through their unconditional love, kindness, and healing. But that’s not all. For the lucky few, who deserve it, or who need extra help, they can even come alive. Learn more about the history of your teddies, stuffies, and plushies and find your unique way to bring them to life.

Tomas Kohoutek - Author Of Missing
Tomas Kohoutek - Author Of Missing


The Road to Healing and Mindfulness

Healing comes in many shapes and sizes. No one knows it better than Tomas Kohoutek, storytelling dad, family healer, peacemaker, but also our creative director, writer, illustrator, cartographer, land surveyor, and Teddyologist, who's been through a lot in his life. Yet, he was somehow able to turn his world into a magical playground again. First, by hanging out with wild teddy bears, and then by learning from Mother Nature.

His latest literary masterpiece, Missing: A Magical Tale of Wild Teddy Bears, the official children's book about New Teddylandia will be available on April 15, 2024, so make sure you don't miss it!

The Secret of Teddylandia

Teddylandia used to be a small teddy bear kingdom hidden in the heart of Europe. For a very long time no one knew it even exited. Until it was discovered and destroyed by a mysterious fox warriors. After the Great Teddy Bear War with the fox warriors a lot of wild teddies became refugees. Luckily, kind human families from around the world welcomed teddies and stuffies into the safety of their own homes and ever since, the world has never been the same. And while the original Kingdom of Teddylandia has never been restored, New Teddylandia, a magical, imaginative world was born from its ashes.

Hills Of Teddylandia
Hills Of Teddylandia


Fly to New Teddylandia

Want to visit us or even move to New Teddylandia? It welcomes every human being with open arms — and without any questions or background checks. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. If you’d like to learn how to bring your own stuffies to life, and help your entire family, if not the whole world, thrive again, then you're in the right place and time.

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