Teddylandia's Mission

New Teddylandia was founded on the belief that helping, sharing, and caring for each other and our planet Earth is the key to happiness. So, let’s team up to grow, heal, and learn from everything around us, especially Mother Nature, who, as you know, desperately needs our help.

Mother Nature is, without a doubt, the ultimate mentor and healer every child should be learning about. How would I know? A long time ago, when I was spending an entire month in the hospital, I actually had a chance to meet Mother Nature in person.

It was an incredible experience that taught me a lot of valuable lessons and opened doors to the natural world, which I had not previously paid much attention to. During that time, I promised Mother Nature that if she would somehow help me deal with my chronic illness, and all the stress that had’s been causing it, I would work really hard on becoming a much better person. I’d also pay her favor forward by sharing her wisdom with the rest of the world and helping her turn Earth into a magical playground — for everyone.

If there’s someone or something missing in your children’s lives, or if you think your children could use a little extra guidance, love, and Nature’s energy — especially today, when mental, behavioral, and developmental disorders are everywhere around us — then you’re in the right place and time.

Meet Mother Nature

Hello friend, my name is Tomas Kohoutek and I'm a creative director, and master of mysterious communication arts, who’s for many years, served some of the world’s hottest idea factories. But deep in my heart, I'm just a storytelling dad, healer, and peacemaker who finds inspiration close to home and enjoys bringing children, grownups, and nature closer together in a fun and creative way — through the Art of Quiet and Mindful Living, an essential survival skill I picked up as a child from wild teddy bears.

About the Author


While growing up as a shepherd on the border of Czechia and Poland, I realized that he was born with many wonderful gifts, such as my sense of creativity. This discovery gave me a new perspective on life and took me on an epic journey around the world. During my travels, I had a chance to meet many wise gurus and take notes from plenty of valuable books, but the knowledge I collected from Mother Nature and from various teddies, was by far the most profound. That knowledge helped me improve my physical and mental health so much that I decided to dedicate the rest of my life to learning everything there is to know about these incredible childhood counselors and sharing their message of love, kindness, and healing with the rest of the world.

It's true, I was heartbroken. One day, after shedding a lot of tears, I started looking for them everywhere and writing stories about everything we’d been through — not just to have the world help me find them but also to help children everywhere find themselves through the magical power of their own teddies, stuffies, and plushies.

Eventually, I settled with my family in the secret kingdom of New Teddylandia, where I've been looking for my missing friends to this very day.

Would you like to help me find my missing friends? Then join me on this incredible search-and-rescue adventure. It doesn’t matter who you are, how old you are, or where you come from. If you’re ready to awaken the healer within, bring your own stuffies to life, and help your entire family — if not the world — thrive again, then this is the perfect book for you.

Unfortunately, when I least expected it, my furry advisors disappeared from my home without a trace.